Stopping MD Creditor Calls

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    The following is a brief overview of what foreclosure is in Baltimore and a
    few ways it can be stopped. Because Sell My Baltimore Home Fast serves
    Maryland, I’ll be providing over all Avoid foreclosure Fast Baltimore
    guidelines. To find out about foreclosure laws regarding your state, please
    consult an attorney. Foreclosure is the legal preceding initiated by a
    creditor to repossess the collateral of a loan that is in default. In the
    case of home foreclosures, the creditor is the bank or the lender. The
    collateral is your home and the default occurs when the home owner misses
    payments on the loan for a period of time. To begin the Baltimore MD
    foreclosure process, a lender must file a complaint against the borrower
    and obtain a decree of sale from a court that has jurisdiction where the
    property is located. The court will then determine whether a default has
    occurred. If the court finds a default, it will determine the total amount
    of the debt, interest, and cost due and present a sensible time for payment
    to be made. The court may order that if payment is not made within a
    certain time, the property must be sold to satisfy the debt. Before the
    sale date is set by the court, the lender is not required to notify the
    buyer of the pending foreclosure precedings. If the borrower does not pay
    the outstanding amount owed, the property will go to the auction to be
    sold. Some states require public notice to be given of the impending
    auction and some do not. In DC and Virginia, the trustee announces the
    opening bid at the sale and may accept higher bids with the property
    selling to the highest bidder. The trustee is an institution to whom the
    lender gives legal title to your home until the loan is paid off in full.
    At the auction, if no one bids, the foreclosing lender will win the bidding
    with the opening bid. The trustee completes the necessary documents to
    transfer ownership of the property to the highest bidder. Auctions are
    typically held on the courthouse steps or an auction house, depending on
    the state. In Virginia and DC, the borrower has no right to redemption
    after a deed of trust foreclosure sale. This means that the auction sale is
    final and the ownership of the property will revert to the highest bidder
    and you’ll be forced to move from your home. In Maryland, there’s no
    established redemption period for the borrower, but the courts can set a
    redemption period on a case by case basis. The lender can, but usually
    doesn’t, seek a judgement against the borrower, if the sales price to
    highest bidder, is less than what is owed to the lender. Again, while the
    foreclosure process vary from state to state, it typically takes from a few
    months, all the way up to a year, depending on the lender. The borrower has
    the option to pay off the outstanding balance and fees within a certain
    period of time prior to the auction. This process is referred to as
    reinstatement. This is one of the ways that a foreclosure can be stopped.
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